Morita's Goal

"I want to live a healthy, peaceful life from now into the future…"

Fully committed to the fulfillment of this universal wish, Morita is dedicated to offering the best possible experience to patients and dental practitioners.

Morita has always made steady progress forward, one step at a time.We will continue to provide reliable technology and information, along with sincere customer support, in order to contribute to the creation of a society with healthy, happy smiles.

We believe that this is the single most important mission for Morita.

Shaping the Future of Dental Practices

President & CEO Haruo Morita

Since its establishment in 1916 as a dental equipment and material importer,
MORITA CORPORATION has developed in tandem with the dental industry in Japan.
Through various international activities, we have taken a vital role in
introducing the latest overseas dental instruments, materials and dentistry
knowledge to the Japanese market. We have actively and creatively, developed
original dental equipment and materials to meet new needs in association
with the progress of Japanese dentistry technology. Our high quality products have
also been exported, thus contributing to the development of dentistry worldwide.

MORITA has also developed the widely used horizontal position treatment system,
which allows patients to lie on their backs and dentists to remain seated during
treatment. Morita has also been leaders in adhesive dentistry techniques utilizing
state-of-the-art technology, and in recent advancements such as Dental
laser and Cone-Beam CT. These developments have become the standard for today's dentistry.

Having grown to become one of the world's leading dental equipment and material
trading companies, we at MORITA are keenly aware of the responsibilities that arise
from our position in the industry. We have maintained a spirit of enterprise and
thankfulness in an environment of cutting-edge technology and knowledge since the
inception of our company. We pledge to continue to improve our distribution system
and develop innovative dental instruments/materials and treatment systems, which
will continue to raise the standard of patient dental care for all.

President & CEO Haruo Morita