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Now and Forever

The traditional craft of kyokumihimo (a type of cord braiding) has been practiced and handed down in the Kyoto region since the Heian period.
Cords were originally used as an everyday item for binding or connecting things together. The craft of braiding several strands into one, combining the practical benefits of sturdiness and strength with Kyoto’s graceful cultural tradition, goes back more than a thousand years.

We at Morita, from the time of our founding to the present day, have lived according to Sion (the “Four Great Obligations”). These are “Nature”, “Nation,” “Family” and “Life.” We believe that all living things are indebted to something or someone and that we should cherish our feelings of gratitude. By making this philosophy the backbone of all our activities, we try to embody the ideal form of social contribution in our business activities. This approach supports the principles of the SDGs.

We strive to implement the concept set forth in the SDGs of creating a diverse and inclusive society in a way that is unique to Morita. We envision a future woven with the combination of 18 threads, comprising the 17 goals of the SDGs with the addition of our corporate color to bind it together. We will continue to evolve in our own unique way, staying forever grateful for our diverse and valued relationships with people.

Morita’s SDG initiatives

In particular, we are strongly committed to specific activities that provide solutions to the three social issues of “Medical Care,” “People,” and the “Global Environment,” as well as the sustainable development goals connected to each of these.

Medical Care

We aim to create a society where not only dentists and patients, but also health care workers and related staff, can receive medical care seamlessly with peace of mind. Morita will contribute to the extension of people’s healthy life expectancy by making medical care more accessible and enabling them to lead healthier lives, starting with development of people-centered products as promoted by our Group.


Based on our philosophy of connecting with, creating, and nurturing people, we are striving to create an inclusive and supporting working environment for all of the Morita Group's employees. We will continue to review and adapt our internal and external systems to revitalize the workplace and promote the activities of female employees and foreign nationals so that everyone can work together easily and lead healthier social lives.

Global Environment

With a view to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, we will set targets for reducing the environmental impact of our business activities and promote specific measures to achieve this, thereby contributing to the prevention of climate change and the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

■ Information on the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015.
The SDGs are a global initiative that sets out 17 goals for the creation of a prosperous and vibrant future and aims to achieve them by 2030.

Examples of activities


Contribute to society by providing the best products and services for the spread of high quality medical care.

Development of “people-friendly products”
based on our “people-centered” approach

We have developed “people-friendly products” that create an environment where patients are relaxed, and dentists and assistants feel comfortable in their provision of diligent and effective medical care. In particular, in the 1960s, we pioneered the introduction of treatment of patients in a horizontal position, with the dentist seated, at a time when it was still standard practice for the dentist to stand with the patient seated. In this style of treatment, the patient lies supine and the dentist sits behind the patient’s head. This marked the beginning of a style of dentistry that is now commonplace all over the world. This dental chair was the basis for development of our “people-centered” approach, allowing dentists to practice without impediment or restrictions to their natural freedom of movement.

■ Dental treatment units

We have developed a new horizontal treatment unit based on an analysis of the posture and movement of the dentist, and have used a “people-centered” approach to review dentists’ equipment and instruments. Instruments are placed in an optimal position and in the right direction so they can be picked up naturally by the dentist while seated and fit comfortably in their hand. This enables dentists to provide reliable and efficient treatment in a stress-free environment for both them and their patients.

■ Diagnostic and imaging equipment

We were one of the first in the dental industry to commercialize a dental cone beam CT system that achieves both high resolution images and low radiation exposure by limiting scans only to those areas necessary for diagnosis. In this way, we have realized one of the ultimate objectives of clinical practice, namely enhanced accuracy of diagnosis where visual examination is not possible.
As part of our contribution to high-quality medical care, we have an established track record in ENT imaging. For example, our equipment is capable of detailed visualization of the auditory ossicles, which are said to be the smallest bones in the human body.

■ Dental handpieces

We have developed high torque cutting instruments that are comfortable to use for dentists, and safe and secure for patients, with low vibration, low noise and zero-drawback for the prevention of contamination.

■ Dental laser equipment

As another contribution to high-quality medical care, we were among the first in the dental industry to commercialize the Er:YAG laser which is extremely efficient at vaporizing human tissue which has a high water content. This allows dentists to make a preparation with less pain, or stressful noise and vibration for patients, as well as to treat periodontal diseases without the risk of damage to adjacent tissues.

■ Endodontic systems

We have developed products that allow patients to undergo safe and reliable root canal treatment, combining precision accuracy with a motor that reproduces the subtle and delicate finger movements of an experienced endodontist.

■ Dental care for the elderly and equipment for home treatment

We have developed a portable unit that is light, easy to prepare and clean, with broad functionality and performance capabilities that replicate the medical treatment environment of the clinic for home visits, thereby contributing to the extension of healthy life expectancy in a super-aging society.

■ Humanoid patient robots for training

We have contributed to the training of the next generation of dentists through the development of highly realistic clinical simulation training programs that take into account the stress endured by the patient when receiving treatment.

Preventive Dental System Cresmile

We aim to improve dental checkups and support dental care in order to reduce the number of people in the world suffering from oral diseases and tooth decay and help them lead healthy lives by providing a broad range of solutions for dentists and patients through a variety of products and services. In addition, we donate a portion of our sales from Cresmile products to the Orange Ribbon Movement in order to contribute to the realization of a society free from child abuse.

Development of MR (Mixed Reality) Dental Training System
WK2/WK22 Project

By utilizing mixed reality (MR) technology with a head-mounted display, we are developing an innovative simulation system for dental training. The concept model was presented at the 37th Cologne International Dental Show (2017) and the commercial prototype was unveiled at the 38th Cologne International Dental Show (2019). We continue to develop and improve the safety and technical level of training and treatment in dentistry.

(Morita Digital Solutions Center)

Digitalization is increasingly common in the field of dentistry and the MDSC was established in anticipation of the forthcoming era of fully digital dentistry. Its functions include “Verification” of next-generation equipment, “Training” for users who have purchased the equipment, and “Support” for the creation of video content to resolve users’ questions and issues. Based on these three pillars, the MDSC to be a one-stop facility for experiencing and utilizing digital technology.


- Participation in the local community and community support
- Collaboration with external stakeholders to support business activities
- Creation of a healthy and rewarding workplace

Contributing to local communities

We offer factory tours for local elementary school students, provide learning opportunities for Dental Health and manufacturing, participate in disaster prevention drills in the local community, and stand ready to open our premises to the public in the event of a disaster. We are also working with local governments to create jobs in the region.

Improve employee work and life synergies

We are promoting the creation of a rewarding workplace where employees can develop through their work, and improve their efficiency and productivity, thereby enhancing the quality of the time they have for themselves. As people, work, and values become more diverse, we aim to improve work and life synergies through stimulating communication.

■ Promotion of health management

Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2021 (White 500)

■ Promotion of job satisfaction

We value the connections between people we strive to create new value by stimulating communication, and improving work efficiency (RPA, OCR) and productivity (automation, robots) in order to enhance job satisfaction.

Global Environment

- Contribute to the prevention of climate change
- Reduce the risk of biogeochemical cycles
- Protect water quality and resources
- Contribute to a recycling-oriented society

Initiatives to protect the environment

We have established an environmental management system and contribute to human health by providing environmentally friendly medical equipment. We also promote activities that reduce environmental risk and protect the environment.

■ Achieve ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems

■ Supply products that comply with the RoHS Directive and REACH regulations

■ Obtain certification for management of chemical substances in products

■ Reduce CO2 emissions through efficient operation of air conditioning, lighting, production facilities, etc.

■ Utilize cutting oil that is not classified as hazardous under the Fire Service Act

■ Utilize environmentally friendly powder coating

■ Use solvent-based paint containing no more than 0.1% toluene/xylene

■ Utilize cleaning solutions with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)

■ Reduce use of phosphorus-based cleaning agents used in the pre-painting process

■ Utilize natural energy

Install solar panels to return electricity generated by natural energy to the community.

Adopt and promote a wastewater recycling system that only discharges rainwater from our plant, thereby contributing to the protection of the local natural environment.